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Alternator | Scott's U-Save Tires & Automotive Repair

Alternator Repair and Service in Schererville, IN

As vehicles become more and more electronically integrated, the more these vehicles will tax the electrical system of the vehicles. Batteries are already being pushed to their limit, but what else keeps our touch screens working, our phone battery powered up, and our seats heated while we drive?

The alternator is driven off the engine by the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt turns the alternator’s pulley which is connected to the coil within the alternator. As the coil turns an electric field is generated and elected can be harnessed. The alternator must supply the battery with the same amount of electricity that the vehicle is consuming. Otherwise the battery will eventually be drained. 

Let Scott’s U-Save Tires & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana ASE certified auto mechanics test your alternator to ensure proper performance. No one in Schererville, Dyer or Saint John Indiana want to be stranded with a dead vehicle because the alternator isn’t keeping up with vehicle demands.
As we said, the alternator is driven by the serpentine belt. If you are having electrical system issues and the alternator has tested well, it may be an issue with the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt can be misaligned or worn out causing it to slip. 

All in all, your alternator has a heavy load to carry. It keeps our favorite electronics powered up and its job is never ending. Let the specialists at Scott’s U-Save Tires & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana keep your alternator and vehicle running properly today.