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Automotive AC Service and Repair in Schererville, IN

All of us driving around Schererville, Dyer, and Saint John don’t think about our A/C until it isn’t working. We also take it for granted on those hot Schererville, Dyer and Saint John Summer nights. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is one of the most complex and sensitive on the vehicle. A slight change or disturbance can cause serious issues. This is why you should allow our ASE certified auto mechanics inspect and work on you’re A/C system to ensure the proper diagnoses is given and repair is done correctly. 

Let’s start with the refrigerant that flow through your air conditioning system. The refrigerant is a special fluid that can easily be transformed from a liquid to a gas and back to a liquid to vary it’s temperature. The refrigerant in your vehicle works very well, but only under very specific conditions. Slight changes to volume, pressure, and flow drastically change its thermal performance. For this, having the proper amount of refrigerant in you’re A/C system is critical. Our ASE certified auto mechanics can inspect and ensure the proper levels are in your vehicle’s system. 
You’re Air conditioning system also requires precise passageways and pumps to generate the proper flow and pressure. With such small moving parts, lubrication is critical to ensure no damage (caused by heat) is created. Your refrigerant carries oil with it as it travels through the entire A/C system. Again, causing the proper level of fluid to be critical to not only temperature performance, but component safety. 

Replacing old refrigerant has another benefit: refrigerant tends to gather moisture and become corrosive. That causes leaks in the system which can be expensive to repair. Fresh refrigerant protects the air conditioning components and keeps the system operating at peak efficiency so it doesn't have to work as hard to keep you cool.

Being there are so many moving parts to the A/C system, repairing issues early will save your vehicle from extensive repairs down the road. An example being you’re A/C compressor clutch. The clutch is what turns the A/C compressor and causes an increase in pressure of the refrigerant. Replacing the A/C compressor clutch as it starts to wear out saves you from replacing the entire A/C compressor. If you delay the A/C compressor clutch replacement, you will eventually need to replace both the A/C compressor clutch and the A/C compressor. Our ASE certified auto mechanics can diagnose problems early to protect you from costly repairs later. 

On top of the system that moves the refrigerant, you have motors and components that direct the cooled air throughout your air vents. These motors wear out and fail as time goes on. Any time you feel your air conditioning isn’t as cold as usually, you’re not getting enough air coming through your vents, or your vents aren’t working come in to Scott’s U-Save in Schererville and let us take care of you. Don’t let those hot Schererville, Dyer or Saint John Summer nights keep you from driving in comfort.