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Brake Repair and Service in Schererville, IN

Brakes | Scott's U-Save Tires & Automotive Repair

Brake Services

We joke brakes stop tires and tires stop cars; both are equally important to keeping you and your passengers safe. Your vehicle’s brakes use friction to slow down your tires. This friction is cause by pads and rotors or brake shoes and drums.

The brake pads sit on top of the rotors and when the brake pedal is depressed, they push against the rotors to slow you down. The brake pads sit inside the brake caliper. Your brake fluid extends and contracts your caliper pistons to either press the brake pads against the rotor or allow the pads to separate from the rotors. 
There are options when it comes to brake pad materials. Our ASE certified auto mechanics only use premium ceramic brake pads to ensure a quiet and clean braking system. As well, our rotors have a two year warranty are have coatings to protect them from rust.

Over time, your brake pads wear down from the friction caused during braking. Your rotors will wear too, but your pads will be first to be depleted. When we hear a grinding noise it’s usually when our brake pads are completely worn. 

Another style of brake system are brake shoes and drums. The brake shoes are similar to the brake pads, brake shoes press against the brake drums to cause friction. The drums are similar to rotors. In this system, the brake shoes sit inside the drums. The shoes are operated by wheel cylinders that extend and contract the brake shoes. 

Similar to brake pads, when we hearing grinding, it’s because the brake shoes are completely worn. 

Our brake fluid plays a vital role to the brake system, it’s what pushes the components to come in contact with each other and cause the friction needed to slow the tires. Over time our brake fluid wears out and absorbs moisture. For this reason, it’s important to replace your brake fluid on mileage intervals specified by your vehicle manufacturer. Let’s the ASE certified mechanics at Scott’s U-Save Tires & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana inspect your brake fluid today. 

Regular maintenance is to replace your pads and rotors or brake shoes and drums. Any time you have your pads and rotors replaced you must ensure the ASE certified auto mechanic performing the repair service the caliper holding the brake pads. Over time, the calipers build up corrosion and need to be service to ensure the piston can extend and contract fully ensuring proper function of your brake pads. As well, the hardware within your caliper should be replaced any time a brake service is performed. If you’re hearing a grinding noise from your brakes in Schererville, Dyer, or Saint John Indiana come to the brake specialists at Scott’s U-Save Tires & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana and have an ASE certified auto mechanic inspect and repair your vehicle’s braking system properly. 

Another common issue customer’s experience is a pulsation when pressing the brake pedal. This brake pulsation is causes by warped rotors or cut rotors. Rotors have significantly come down in price and no longer are manufactured as thick as they used to be. So cutting your rotors now leads to issues down the road. That pulsation you’re feeling is caused by the rotor not being smooth and round. This misalignment causes the rotor to press against the caliper piston and push the brake fluid back against the brake pedal. Scott’s U-Save in Schererville Indiana has ASE certified auto mechanics that can help diagnose these issues and remove your brake pedal pulsation.

The final part of your brake system is the anti-lock components. When your vehicle begins to skid the anti-lock brake system kicks on and helps to keep your wheels from locking. This system is very important when braking in wet or snowy condition. Your anti-lock brake system is also tied to your traction control. Let Scott’s U-Save Tires & Auto Repair ASE certified auto mechanics diagnose any issues or lights you may have on your dash for anti-lock brakes or traction control (known as VSE).