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Check Engine Light Service in Schererville, IN

No one enjoys a light coming on their dash. One of the customer’s least favorite lights I the check engine. However, that light is like having a fever; it signifies something is going on and we need to take a look. 

Come to the automotive experts at Scott’s U-Save Tire & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana to have our ASE certified auto mechanics diagnose why your check engine light has come on and what repairs are needed to remove that trouble codes causing the light to surface. 

A common misunderstanding about check engine lights is that the codes stored within the vehicle explain or specifically identify the problem and solution. All the codes provide is a starting point. They simply state there is a concern within this area.

A check engine light comes on when a sensor has a reading that is outside of the acceptable manufacturer range. This can happen because a part has failed, a wire has shorted, or the sensor itself has failed. 

Many parts stores will do what the industry calls a quick scan. There are inexpensive tools that can pull the engine codes causing a check engine light to appear. However, this does not show a part has failed and needs to be replaced. We have seen many sensors and wiring issues cause check engine lights. Or, a command module (think the brains of the vehicles computers) is not performing correctly. 

To properly diagnose a check engine light expensive equipment is required on top of extensive vehicle system knowledge. Our ASE certified auto mechanics go through 45 hours of training every year to stay knowledge on vehicle systems and repairs. 

A typical diagnostic tool will cost thousands of dollars and take great skill to operate. These diagnostic tools are also just the start. Once the problem is located, many tests will need to be performed to determine if the issue is electrical or mechanical based.

Don’t drive around Schererville, Dyer or Saint John too long with a check engine light. Your vehicle is telling you something. Let us at Scott’s U-Save Tire & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana put our years of experience to the job and get your vehicle running like new again.