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Fuel Injection Service in Schererville, IN

Gone are the days of carburetors and easy engine design. Vehicles are now increasing their fuel pressures, changing locations of fuel injectors, and cheap spark plugs you replaced every few years. Spark plugs these days are far more advanced and last longer.

What has allowed spark plugs to increase their lifespan? Well, manufacturers have upgraded the materials used within the spark plugs themselves and the design of the electrodes. Proper maintenance of spark plugs allows them to reach very high mileage life. 

Your spark plugs are what cause the fuel to ignite within your engine cylinder. The battery sends voltage to a coil that collects the voltage to generate far more voltage than what the battery can hold. A wire runs from the coil to a spark plug boot and the spark plug boot sits on top of the spark plug itself. The voltage then goes into the spark plug and at the base there is an electrode that has a small gap. The voltage creates a spark across the gap which combusts the gas within the cylinder. 
The spark plug wires and ignition coil(s), some vehicles can have multiple coils. wear out over time and will need to be replaced with age.

Scott’s U-Save in Schererville, Indiana only uses iridium spark plugs. The iridium is the best material for a long-lasting spark plug. These are a premium spark plug that have iridium placed on both sides of the spark plug gap. This ensures no spark plug gap erosion and extended life. Spark plugs are relatively cheap, so upgrading to a platinum spark plug will only cost a few dollars per spark plug. This is well worth the investment. 

Many vehicles now driving around Schererville, Dyer and Saint John Indiana have what is termed direct inject engines (GDI). They are called direct inject engines because the gasoline is directly injected into the engines cylinder. Port Fuel Injected engine have the fuel injectors placed outside of the engine cylinder. You can imagine the pressure and most importantly the temperature the engine cylinders see. That is the hottest part of the engine. However, it is also the most efficient place to inject the gasoline.

GDI or direct inject engines require more routine maintenance than port fuel injected engines. The fuel injectors of direct inject engines (GDI) see an incredible amount of carbon and exhaust build up because they are exposed to the full compression, combustion, and exhaust cycle of the engine. This build up can clog the fuel injectors on direct inject engines (GDI) and require the injectors to be replaced. 

The vehicles driving around Schererville, Dyer, and Saint John Indiana that have direct inject engines (GDI) should be performing fuel injection services every 30,000 - 50,000 miles or less. As stated, the injectors on a direct inject engines (GDI) are exposed to extreme temperature so they are manufactured with expensive materials. Keeping these fuel injectors clean can save on costly repairs. 

Direct inject engines (GDI) also require maintenance to the engine valves. In port fuel engines the actual fuel in inject before the valves and the fuel will actually clean the carbon deposits off the valves. Now with direct inject engines (GDI), the injectors are away from the valves and the valves never see fuel. Meaning, the valves never get cleaned. Again, a fuel injection cleaning and fuel injection service can keep your engine running properly and save you from costly components repairs or replacement. 

Fuel injection service and fuel injection cleaning can be performed with oil changes or at scheduled mileage intervals. Talk to the specialists at Scott’s U-Save Tire & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana today to best protect your spark plugs and fuel system.