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Oil Change in Schererville, IN

One of the most over looked services to a vehicle is an oil change. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It ensures proper function and protects the engine from damaging itself. Many customer think an oil change is a nuisance and should be done as quickly as possible to get back to our busy lives; however, this simple task can keep our vehicle running for years to come. 

Our oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine. Without oil, friction builds up and destroys the internal engine components. The oil also slightly cools the engine and actually cleans debris out of the engine when we drain the oil. 

Prolonging an oil change keeps this debris inside the engine and doesn’t provide adequate lubrication. 

The proper lubrication is critical to engine performance. Selecting the correct oil grade and synthetic type allows for long engine life. Let the ASE certified auto mechanics at Scott’s U-Save Tires & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana help you understand the proper oil for your vehicle and let you know

There are conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oils. Conventional oils are going by the wayside and synthetic blend oils are becoming the most basic oil. Synthetic oil is a mixture of conventional and full synthetic oil. Synthetic blend oils handle heat and lubricate better than conventional oils. Synthetic blend oils combine conventional oil with full synthetic oil. Moving away from a conventional oil change and into a synthetic blend oil change can greatly improve the life expectancy of your engine. 

Full synthetic oil has completely uniform, round molecules. You can imagine a uniformly round molecules slides better then a jaded molecule. Think a stack of pencils rolling together versus a collection of marbles. The marbles move around each other easily. This is how the full synthetic oil lubricates your engine. A full synthetic oil change will greatly improve fuel economy and protect your engine’s moving components. Full synthetic oil also has additives to help clean buildup of carbon.

If your vehicle calls for a full synthetic oil doing a synthetic blend oil change will hurt your engine over time and not allow the engine to last for years to come. We understand a synthetic oil change costs more, but it lasts longer, protects your engine better and increases fuel economy.  You’ll likely save money in the long run.  If you’re serious about making your car last longer, synthetic motor oil might be just what you need.

All oil changes, synthetic or synthetic blend, allow for an ASE certified auto mechanic to inspect the subsystems of the cars. Think of the oil change as a routine doctor visit. These check ups can save you in the long run. During an oil change, any components that are seen to be wearing out can be replaced for preventative maintenance. In the long run, simple maintenance is less costly than expensive repairs. As well, you can have piece of mind knowing your upcoming road trip will be smooth sailing.