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Radiator | Scott's U-Save Tires & Auto Repair

Radiator Repair and Service in Schererville, IN

While some people think your coolant runs you’re A/C system, it does not. The coolant in your vehicle is there to pull the heat away from your engine. The coolant fluid physically entraps the heat of your engine and then dumps the heat in the heater core. The coolant is then cooled by your radiator by air that flows over the radiator while driving. Then the process starts over again and the coolant pulls heat away from the engine.

Coolant, or anti-freeze, has a difficult job. You can drive your vehicle around Schererville, Dyer, or Saint John Indiana during the winter where temperatures can reach -40 degrees Fahrenheit or during the summer when temperatures can reach the 90s. That’s a wide temperature range for the vehicles coolant to perform. 
Coolant keeps the engine from overheating and causing damage to internal components. If the engine ran without coolant, or even low on coolant, these internal components will heat, expand, warp, and then fail. If this process is stopped quickly the parts may be replaced; however, long durations of heat will cause permanent damage to the engine and its components. 

Due to Coolant’s important job, we cannot stress enough how frequently you should be checking your Coolant and having the entire system inspected during routine maintenance. Do not ignore Coolant leaks while driving around Schererville, Dyer or Saint John Indiana. This only leads to costly repairs.   
Not only is inspecting the Coolant and cooling system important, it’s equally important to service your coolant and the coolant system based u

pon manufacturer recommended service intervals. Some shops may drain your system and re-fill; Scott’s U-Save Tires & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana does a full coolant system service. We completely evacuate the coolant system, pump a cleaner through the system, and then re-fill with coolant and a conditioner to ensure long-life on your Coolant. 

Coolant has an expected useful life. Once Coolant reaches 5 or more years old it is time to service. The harsh environment Coolant works within requires your Coolant to have additives to keep the vehicle running in the extreme cold and extreme heat. While these additives are required for Coolant to service its purpose, the additives become depleted and break-down into acid. This causes damage to hoses, the water pump, and other parts of the coolant system. This is why following regular maintenance saves you from costly repairs. 

Next time you’re driving around Schererville, Dyer, or Saint John Indiana remember how much work your Coolant is doing and the important part it plays in keeping your engine running.