Serpentine Belt Repair in Schererville, IN

A vehicle’s engine not only powers the wheels, but also drives our accessory system. The long belt at the front or side of the engine is called the serpentine belt. The vehicle connects the engine to these accessory system through the serpentine belt. There is a main pulley on the engine that spins the serpentine belt which in turn spins other pulleys to power accessory systems.  
The main pulley off the engine is called your tensioner pulley. Your vehicle can also have an idler pulley. The tensioner and idler pulleys place tension on the serpentine belt which allows the serpentine belt to grip tightly onto other pulleys within the vehicle. 

The serpentine belt drives your air conditioning system, the alternator, and depending on vehicle design may also run the power steering, power brakes, and water pumps, along with radiator fan. In some Schererville drivers' vehicles, there is an electric power steering system and the power brakes can be vacuum driven. Some Schererville driver’s vehicle can have a water pump powered by the timing belt.

The serpentine belt has multiple grooves that grip the pulleys on the engine and accessory components. The grooves on the serpentine belt can wear out and the pulleys themselves can have their bearings and springs wear out over time. Any time a serpentine belt is bring replaced it is a good time to replace the idler and tensioner pulleys. A worn-out serpentine belt can become misaligned and put additional stress on the system. The tensioner pulley was already doing extra work before the belt was replaced. 

Our ASE certified auto mechanics can perform a complimentary visual inspection of your vehicle’s serpentine belt to keep you safe. A simple inspection will check for cracks and dry rotting; however, serpentine belts have recently been manufactured from EPDM. EPDM serpentine belts last longer and don’t dry rot as easily. Our ASE certified mechanics can use a special serpentine belt testing tool to measure the depth of the serpentine belt’s grooves. This gives a proper indication if the serpentine belt is worn out and requires replacement. 

You want to replace your serpentine belt before it leaves your stranded. When your serpentine belt breaks not only will you lose accessory systems like the alternator, power steering and power brakes, but you can then damage other components when the serpentine belt breaks. It’s not expensive to replace a serpentine belt, so it’s always a good idea to replace at manufacturer recommended intervals. Speak with the specialists at Scott’s U-Save Tires & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana to best understand the current condition of your serpentine belt today.