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Steering and Suspension | Scott's U-Save Tires & Auto Repair

Steering and Suspension Repair and Service in Schererville, IN

Vehicles have come along way since the Model T. Part of this progression has been the comfort our vehicle’s suspension brings us; especially driving on the local roads around Schererville, Dyer, and Saint John Indiana. 

Our vehicles suspension functions to help us turn, brake, and not feel every bump in the road. It’s what connects your wheels to the vehicle. As you drive around Schererville, Dyer and Saint John your suspension is working constantly to correct for inconsistencies in the road. 

Your suspension starts by absorbing bumps in the road and keeping your wheels in contact with the road. This is done through joints and flexion points. This is done through ball joints and bushing typically made from rubber. Rubber wears out over and time, or it becomes dried out and stiff. This is why our suspension components need to be replaced. 

When your suspension’s joints wear out driving doesn’t feel as stiff and you can start to hear noises from under the hood or rear of the vehicle. As well, when one join begins to fail, that load is then taken on by another. So repairing these issues in a timely fashion saves other components and costly repairs. 

Signs beyond an uncomfortable ride and noise include tire wear and excessive play in suspension parts. Once you hear or see these tall tale signs it’s time for a suspension inspection. Let’s the ASE certified auto mechanics get your suspension back to new and your vehicle safe and comfortable. 

Scott’s U-Save Tires & Auto Repair in Schererville, Indiana always recommends checking your suspension when getting new tires. No one in Schererville, Dyer or Saint John want to wear out a new tire quickly because of a suspension issue when that tire could have lasted for many years.